Sunday, October 31, 2010

1930s photo album

I tried getting some pictures of the 30s photo album I bought at an estate sale on Friday. They turned out so-so, but I don't want to risk damaging the album by trying to put it in the scanner. If anyone has any suggestions for photographing an album like this, I'd really appreciate it-- especially ideas for what to do about glare from the overhead lights.

The album belonged to a British family who were stationed, not in India as I originally thought, but in what is now Pakistan. One family member may have been educated at Oxford, as there are also pictures from there. Basically, my head is full of Dorothy Sayers thoughts right now. And the pictures are amazing!

This page is incredibly charming-- the husband and wife staged and photographed a mock fight, complete with touching reconciliation at the end.

I cannot get over the sleeves on the bridesmaids. What on earth kind of infrastructure is under there, do you think?

About two-thirds of the album is pictures from the family's life in Pakistan.

This page is basically the most British thing I have ever seen in my life. What's more English than men in drag at a pantomime?

In 1935, an earthquake devastated the town of Quetta. Whoever owned my album was there.

Mostly, I'm captivated by all the little daily-life pictures.

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  1. That mock-fight is incredible. What a find these photos are!