Friday, September 24, 2010

summer silk

While I'm longing after silk blouses for fall, I *do* have a silk dress to wear while it's summery.

I got it from this incredibly sweet little old lady in Bethesda who sells vintage clothes out of her house. She had some amazing stuff-- I have a few fall pieces from her I can't wait to wear!

My hair, by the way, is pretty typical for the day after a pin curl set. I hear other bloggers talk about all the different hair products they use to get pin curls to hold, and I'm like, product? really? Because I set my hair bone dry and sleep on it, and I get way more curl than I actually want! In a day or two it'll calm down into pretty, frizz-free waves, but for now I feel a little like a poodle.

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  1. The dress is so pretty and I love your hairstyle. I'm still wearing summery clothes too - how could I not, its so sunny outside :)

  2. What is this lady in Bethesda you speak of?!?!?!

  3. I found her on Craigslist! Her house is just crammed to the gills with amazing vintage. Let me see if I still have her email address.

  4. please and thank you!! However Pollysues most likely got it all haha!