Wednesday, September 15, 2010

in my room

While the rest of my house ranges from cluttered to untidy, I have managed to get my room into some semblance of order. (Don't look at the pile of towels, or where I'm stashing the laundry basket. Shhh.) I thought I'd take some pictures before it gets messy again.

Starting from the door, along the left-hand wall:



I bought a Jen Corace calender (I LOVE her art), but I got impatient before the year was up, and cut off the calendar part so I could hang just the pictures. I think my Wall of Corace looks nice (if a little blurry).


Moving past my (still totally messy, and soon-to-be-replaced) nightstand, we have the corner on the other side from the door.


The framed pictures are thrifted (I painted the frames), the top print was bought on vacation, and the other print is from Small Press Expo last year. The key is from DC Big Flea, and I made the little embroidery myself.


This sketch is by Ted Naifeh, an awesome artist (and really nice guy) who drew it for me at Dragoncon. It's of the main character in Polly and the Pirates, a comic you should absolutely check out.

Here's the last corner. The dress will never, ever in a million years fit me.




And we're back to the door. I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my room! If you're curious about where I got any of the stuff you see, feel free to ask.

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