Wednesday, September 22, 2010

let's talk repro

So I think it's pretty well established that I love vintage. I love the lines of the clothes, I love the way my chosen era fits my shape, I love how well-made it is compared to modern fast fashion. Vintage suits my budget and my love of treasure-hunting. But vintage has its drawbacks: it's hard to find good stuff in larger sizes, there can be condition issues, you have to hand-wash it; and sometimes the treasure hunt gets tiring.

Enter repro. Good repro has all the advantages of vintage-- the cut and quality-- without the drawbacks of clothes that are fifty years old or older. Repro can also be more expensive than vintage, but so are most new clothes worth having.

Here are some of my favorite repro and vintage-styled looks for fall from Etsy. I'm in awe of the talented people who sew this stuff!

1.NewVintageLady 2. thepinkkitten 3. violavintage 4.jacksdaughter 5. allureoriginalstyles 6. porshesplace 7. michelletan


  1. I love that pink and black top, its very versatile and that last dress is divine

  2. Lovely selection

    I've been lusting after that pipe dream blouse for ages now. I always wonder who else drools over that listing.. ;)