Sunday, August 8, 2010

what I wore and what I bought

I went to the farmer's market today, and this is what I wore there:

what I wore

Dress is thrifted, pendant is from a yard sale, strung on some blue ribbon. I wore these really cute woven leather sandals I got in Baltimore, but I haven't quite mastered taking pictures with the self-timer yet, so they will have to be left to the imagination.

It's kind of dangerous, how the Takoma Park farmer's market takes places on a street with three vintage stores. Fortunately, one of them is full of hippie clothes and smells like patchouli, so I'm not tempted, but the other two are a real threat. I didn't get anything at Moonshadow, but Polly Sue's (my absolute favorite vintage store in the DC area, for the record) had this little number:

alphabet dress!

It's an alphabet dress! How could I say no?

alphabet close-up

I couldn't is how. It fits really well, and seriously. Alphabet dress. C'mon.

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