Sunday, August 22, 2010

my great-grandmother's album

After seeing a bunch of other bloggers post fantastic family snapshots (I really liked the ones at Seven Style Notes and Dear Golden), I thought I'd post some pages from an album of my great-grandmother's that I've been scanning.

I have some tough decisions, though: first of all, a lot of the pages have already come loose from the album-- should I rip out the ones that are still attached, for easier scanning? And second, once they're all scanned, should I try to remove the glued-on photos and move them to something archival-quality? I'm TERRIFIED of damaging them, but those black paper albums just don't last. This one is falling to bits around the photos.

page 15

page 11

page 9


  1. such beautiful pictures! i only wish i had pictures of my grandparents but they were too poor to afford cameras. .

    i love your blog, btw, found you via ifb.

    am adding you to the blogroll :)

  2. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to scanning the rest of the album. My great-grandmother was a cool lady-- she and my great-grandfather eloped, back in the '20s.