Friday, August 20, 2010

the time machine list

If I had a time machine (and an an unlimited budget, but that goes without saying-- time machines aren't cheap), in addition to all the interesting historical events and fascinating historical figures I'd like to see, I would probably also want to get dolled up and go to fabulous parties in different eras. (Actually, I could probably meet the historical figures at the parties, couldn't I?) Towards this end, every once in a while I browse through the museum section at Antique Dress, on the grounds that I might be able to pick something up new while I'm time traveling.

pinkedwardgauzegownvt purpcrushvelvthirtygownupsd teensorangevelvnv

callotsoursflapprgown ballgowngreyltbluewtrn

But my favorite, and one I've come back to many, many times, is this.

blckfortydrapehollywood blckfortydrapehollywoodtw

blckfortydrapehollywoodup blckfortydrapehollywoodupb

These are just a few of the many reasons that I would appreciate it if the Doctor would do me a favor and bring the TARDIS around for a quick shopping trip. Sadly, he does not seem very interested in clothes, unless you count bow ties and giant scarves. So the odds, alas, aren't good.


  1. OH MY GOD YES, the Doctor and historical fashion! Bawww I love it!

  2. Right? I have to admit, I am annoyed when they do historical episodes and fail to take advantage of the BBC costume closet. See also: why I could rewatch "The Unicorn ans the Wasp" a million times.