Saturday, August 14, 2010

murder mystery!

I went to a murder mystery party last night-- it was SUPER fun, and my throat is still a little tickly from talking so much. I played a famous actress who'd been romantically involved with the victim, and I got murdered by my bookie. It was really, really funny to watch everyone try to stay in character, and even funnier when people broke character or had to clarify whether what they just said was their character or really them.

This is what I wore:

murder mystery outfit

I'm still getting the hang of posing, if you can't tell. Self-timers: kind of awkward! Dress is thrifted, tights from Rugged Wearhouse, shoes are Chelsea Crew from Ruche. I made the hair bow out of some ribbon I had around. I also wore a vintage beaded collar, but it was incredibly itchy and I took it off after a little while; you can't see it in the photo. It contributed to the general 20s/30s thing I was going for, though.

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