Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Flea!

DC Big Flea is coming up this weekend, and I am v. v. excited. Big Flea is a GIANT antiques-and-vintage flea market, held 3-4 times a year in Chantilly, VA (which is not, actually, very close to DC, but we'll let it pass.) There's a lot of furniture and too-fancy-for-my-budget stuff, but there's also always a handful of booths with vintage clothes, and that is why I go.

Here's my haul from last year (plz excuse blurriness):
my haul from the DC Big Flea
'40s dress and jacket, '50s shirtdress, two '40s-ish cut-paper silhouettes, and a clip-on bow tie that I wear in my hair. (If you haven't tried it, clip-on bow ties make GREAT hairbows.)

I'm planning to wear that dress-and-jacket set to Dragoncon, a big science fiction convention in Atlanta that I go to every year (My nerdy activities are multifarious, I know). The plan is to wear the dress and '40s hair with a gas mask and a fake gash on the back of my hand. Any guesses as to what the costume is?

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